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Born and raised in Niagara Falls, I grew up in an Italian-Canadian family, like many others in Niagara. My greatest inspirations in life are my Nonno (Grandpa) and my Dad. My Nonno only missed one day of work his entire life, because he broke his leg on the way to work! My Dad is my other great inspiration, he worked at a bunch of factories over the years until he was laid off from a castings plant in Hamilton in 2008 during the recession. When that happened my Dad grew the family business, landscaping, and I've been working with him all of my life. That's how I put myself though university. I want to take this same attitude of hard work and entrepreneurship with me to Ottawa.

I also think we need young people involved in politics who understand technology. Trudeau's disastrous immigration policy began online, on twitter! That's right, Trudeau tweeted that people could come in to Canada from the US whenever they want, and that's exactly what happened! We need young people in public office who understand technology and how it works. We need to have the right mindset to use technology to our advantage, not our detriment.

I also have a variety of skills and experience that allow me to represent the people of Niagara well. I can speak fluent French and Chinese. I have also worked on parliament hill for the Hon. Pierre Poilievre in 2017. I finished the fourth year of my degree in public policy from Carleton University.

You and I both love Niagara, lets work together to help build a better future for our families.

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To be able to vote in the Nomination at the end of June, you do need to be a member of the Conservative Party.


Memberships can be bought here. 

The vote for the Nomination will be at the end of June, so a membership of only one year is more than enough.

If you have trouble becoming a member of the Conservative Party, please contact me!

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